Martin Eschelbach, PhD Student

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Martin Eschelbach, PhD Student

Hometown: Stuttgart, Germany

Affiliation: MPI for Biological Cybernetics, Magnetic Resonance Center

What are you working on?
In magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), head motions distort the acquired image(s) of the brain. I’m developing a method to correct for this bias during the measurement for functional MRI and high-field MRI.

How are you going to find out?
I’m using multiple small sensors for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and magnetic field gradients to determine the current position of the head inside the MR scanner. This information is then processed and used to update the field of view to follow the head’s motion.

Why is it interesting?
It's something that – if and when it works – can improve diagnostics in MRI as well as give access to MRI for a formerly excluded group of people that can’t hold still for long time spans (children, the elderly, people with epilepsy etc.).

What do you enjoy in Tübingen?
Punting (“Stocherkahn fahren”) on the Neckar river in summer.

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