NEW TNC Series: TNC Elevator Pitches

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Now that the University of Tübingen has retained its excellence status and has been granted funding until 2026, the plan for a new Excellence Cluster Application in the Neurosciences in the next round can become more concrete.

Therefore, we decided to start a new TNC format this fall, the TNC Elevator Pitches – addressed to all research group leaders “plus 1”, meaning that you can bring along one of your colleagues.


We want to give PIs the opportunity to “pitch” in 3-5 minutes their ideas for innovative project ideas, novel technologies, or other interesting research areas that they are currently working on.


These pitches could be the foundation for finding the topic for the excellence cluster application in 2026, but also, as a short(er) term goal, they could lead to collaborative research centers (SFBs), graduate schools, research groups etc. in the next few years.

Furthermore, these meetings will provide an opportunity to foster exchange between PIs in the various fields of neuroscience.


The three meetings will be on Tuesdays, from 5-7pm, on October 8th, November 5th and December 3rd

Registration will start in mid September.

TNC Elevator Pitches

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