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March 14-15, 2024

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On March 14-15, 2024, the 5th "Brain In Depth (BID) Conference" will take place in Tübingen, organized by the Research Group "Translational Imaging of Cortical Microstructure" at the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research, led by Prof. Dr. Esther Kühn. BID-2024 focuses on bridging the gap between Artificial Intelligence, Computational Modelling and Ultra-high Field Neuroimaging. This fosters the development of new methods for precision medicine.

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Brain In Depth (BID) is an international conference on ultra-high field MRI and fMRI organized by Prof. Dr. Esther Kühn together with her research group since 2017. Since then, BID has brought together international experts on structural and functional ultra-high field neuroimaging both from basic and applied science.

BID-2024 focuses on bridging the gap between Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computational Modelling and Human Ultra-high Field Neuroimaging.

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BID-2024 Organizing Committee: Susanne Stoll, Shi Jia Teo, Esther Kühn


Key facts

Date: 14-15 March, 2024

Venue: University Hospital Tübingen ("Klinikum Berg"), HNO Lecture Hall, Elfriede-Aulhorn Str. 5

Deadline for registration and abstract submission: 29 February, 2024

Fee: 75€

Invited submissions: Posters

Conference format: Talks, Poster Session, Workshops

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