Ayd?n Can Polatkan, PhD Student

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Ayd?n Can Polatkan, Software Architect and PhD Student

Hometown: Ankara, Turkey

Affiliation: Quantitative Biology Center (QBiC), University of Tübingen

What are you working on?

The digitalization of the world has initiated a paradigm shift in research. Both the volume and the diversity of current research data pose a challenge to researchers and universities. The Open Research Data Portal (ORDP) Project aims to expand and integrate existing research data management approaches under one common web portal. Making an open, and interdisciplinary web portal for management, storage, and publication of primary research data come true is my primary goal, therefore I am carrying out the ORDP Project on behalf of the Quantitative Biology Center (QBiC) in Tübingen.

Why is it interesting?

I believe in synergy. When different minds work in harmony, the outcome can be amazing. Imagining that different scientists all over Germany use one common portal to manage, store and publish their research data is just priceless. Just from the moment that we put ORDP into practice, I will be able to say I had a direct contribution to ORDP as well as an indirect contribution to any research project, based on ORDP. The first step will be to start from Baden-Württemberg, then expand to Germany, and then maybe to the whole world.

What motivates you?

My family is my biggest motivation in life. I am grateful and know that it wouldn’t be possible without their love, trust and courage.

Your favourite thing outside of science?

I love travelling, seeing different places, interactions with people from different cultures just pushes my boundaries forward and makes me feel alive. Just like in science, exploring starts at the very moment you start your journey.

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