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Every newcomer to Tuebingen – German and foreign citizens alike – who will remain for more than 90 days must register their place of residence with the local authorities within 2 weeks of moving in. This registration is the prerequisite for all further administrative steps of life in Germany.

Foreign citizens requiring a long-stay residence permit must first officially register as residents of the city where they live and then apply for the residence permit afterwards.  The office where you register will also deal with your residence permit application (see also Visa and Residence Permit).

Please note: due to the Corona situation, at Tuebingen registration office you can only register online at the moment. The form used exists only in German. The city of Heidelberg published an English translation of their form which you can find here for your information. Please do not fill in this form. It only serves information purposes. Only the German form you will get from Tuebingen registration office is valid in Tuebingen!

Consequences of this official registration (Wohnsitz-Anmeldung) include: you can open a bank account, register with gas, water and electricity suppliers, become eligible to receive local council services, and will be informed of elections in which you are eligible to vote. Registration is also necessary to receive your German tax ID number: It will be issued automatically following registration.

The registration form asks about your religion. If you declare membership of one certain larger religious denominations in Germany, the tax office will automatically deduct church tax (Kirchensteuer) from your income (current rate: 8% of your income tax), to pass on to your denomination. For further information, see Practical Advice - Religion, or ask the municipal office staff for help.

After registering, be sure to keep the carbon copy of your address registration (Meldebestätigung). This is an important document that you will need on other occasions.  If you change addresses, be sure to notify the Bürgeramt  as well as arranging to have your mail forwarded, so important information such as tax numbers is sure to reach you.

Failure to officially register within the 2 week deadline can result in a fine.

If you plan to live in guesthouse accommodation for the first few weeks of your stay, you should register using the guesthouse address. See your personal support staff for institute-specific procedures and support.



Updated 28/04/2021 2:43pm


If you will be staying for longer than three months, you must register within two weeks of arriving!

Changing address or moving away must also be reported to the authorities.