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If you are taking part in a short-term research stay for up to 90 days or if you apply for a visa, you will need travel health insurance coverage for the Schengen area with a coverage amount of at least 30,000 euros as well as expenses for evacuation and repatriation in case of illness, accident or death (unlimited in case of residence permit up to one year). The travel insurance must cover the whole Schengen area, and all coverage sums must be listed in euros. Please make sure your insurance coverage begins on your first day in Germany, and do not register for more than 90 days. You should make sure that the travel health insurance can be cancelled, e.g. after you sign your work contract.

Adequate health insurance coverage is always a requirement for a residence permit. Which options are open to you depends on your status here in Germany. 


For more detailed information, please see the health insurance overview on the website of EURAXESS Germany - the EU portal for Researchers in Motion.

An illustrated health dictionary is available from the organization Deutsches Studentenwerk (German Student Services) with the support of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research.

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