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While many people in Tuebingen can speak at least basic English, being able to communicate in German will open new doors for your life in Germany. In Tuebingen there are several options for learning German:

Volkshochschule (vhs)

Volkshochschule is a countrywide organization of adult education centers offering classes in a variety of fields at affordable prices, including German courses. Classes start at many times throughout the year. If you are uncertain about your level of German, they can give you advice on the course choice. You can book courses online, via telephone/ email or in person during the office hours. Please find further contact information on the vhs's website (in German).

Private language schools

There are two private language schools offering German classes in Tuebingen. If you choose a private language school, you might be able to take private classes or learn German in a smaller group. Links to the schools' homepages can be found below:

University language classes

If you are a researcher at the University of Tübingen, you may be able to join the German classes offered by the department of German as a Foreign Language (Deutsch als Fremdsprache - DaF) of the University of Tübingen. This department offers a range of courses for different levels. They also offer special courses for doctoral students and academic staff. Further information can be found on the department's website.


A new funding program from the State of Baden-Württemberg ("VwV Deutsch") means that you may be eligible for German classes in and around Tübingen at no charge.

Please contact your personal support to find out which courses might be suitable for you and your needs.

free language classes from the deutsche welle

Germany's international broadcast channel Deutsche Welle (DW) offers a wide range of opportunities to learn German. Free beginner's and advanced German courses are available in almost 30 languages on the website, including interactive online courses, podcasts, downloadable episodes of the audio language course "Radio D" and even slowly spoken German newscasts. See the complete range on the website DW - Learn German.


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Research in Tuebingen

Tuebingen is a special place for research. Very few locations offer such a wide range of research areas in such close proximity – both physically and figuratively. Not only are all of Tuebingen’s research institutions just a stone’s throw away from each other, they also collaborate closely within the Tuebingen Research Campus.

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Life in Tuebingen

Life in Tuebingen is life in the heart of Europe and in one of Germany’s most scenic and economically competitive regions. It's a bustling mediaeval town with a young, international, and vibrant population and a rich cultural and artistic scene. Lectures, concerts, film festivals, and more: life in Tuebingen never gets boring.

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Excellence Strategy

Tübingen’s unique research environment provides an ideal ground for collaborative projects in various areas. This is one of the many reasons why Tübingen is receiving funding from the German Federal and State Governments Excellence Strategy. As a consequence, excellence attracts further excellence: Over the years, more and more top-level research institutions have come to the city, forming the rich and vibrant academic community of the Tübingen Research Campus.

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