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Tuebingen has an excellent bus system, and it is often the easiest and fastest way of getting around when you don’t want to walk.

Buses in Tuebingen are part of the network operated by the regional transport company "Naldo". The Naldo area stretches from just South of Stuttgart down to the Bodensee on the border with Switzerland. 

free bus service on saturdays

In a new initiative of the City of Tuebingen, bus service in town is now free on Saturdays (from midnight on Saturday to 5 a.m. on Sunday) to encourage people to visit and leave their cars outside of town.

Tuebingen Bus Network

Tuebingen has more than 20 bus lines as well as a few local train stations connecting the different parts of the city. Buses generally run from about 6 a.m. to midnight on weekdays, with night buses covering the main routes in the city after midnight on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Click on the picture to view all of the city bus lines with the names of the stops.

Daytime network

2018 TueBus Liniennetzplan Tag

The daytime bus network covers all areas of the city. Depending on the bus stop location and time of the day, busses leave between every ten minutes to hourly.

Night busses

 2018 TueBus Liniennetzplan Nacht

Night buses run hourly between midnight and 3 a.m. every night. They follow different routes than daytime buses.

During summer and Christmas school holidays, special holiday timetables (Ferienfahrplan) apply to some bus lines. On the timetable at each bus stop, these are indicated in a separate column called Ferien.

You can check bus departure times online in English on the naldo homepage. Click on the name of the bus stop to view a location map. Naldo also offers a free app for your Apple or Android smartphone. If your language settings are English, it will automatically provide all menus in English as well. Via GPS you can display nearby stops.


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How to use the ticket machine on the bus (click to enlarge)

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