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Useful hints and tips about opening hours, local information such as living costs in Tuebingen, important places, and more.

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Practical Advice

These pages provide an overview of some practical issues – where to call in an emergency, when supermarkets, shops, and restaurants are open, public holidays and more.

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Tuebingen Signpost

Local Information

What's it like to live in Tuebingen? How much do you have to budget each month? Is Tuebingen safe? Find answers to these important questions here.

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Getting Along with the Germans

Germans - contrary to some clichés - are actually quite easy to get along with! But all cultures have their idiosyncrasies, so this page provides some helpful pointers to get you off to a good start with the people you'll meet here.

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Map - Important Places in Tuebingen

This page provides a map with some useful places such as the different TRC partner institutions, local authorities, and other important places in Tuebingen.

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