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Tuebingen is a small town with a big university. Therefore, finding accommodations can be a challenge. It's best to start looking for accommodations early. In fact, your search should begin well before you arrive here.

What you should consider before looking for a home...

  • Are you looking for a room in a shared flat or an apartment on your own?

  • Distance between your accommodations and your institute.

  • Public transport (website partially in German) connections available around the area; or you if you want to go by car or bike.

  • How much money you want to spend for housing (you may want to check our Local Infos page for pointers on living costs, including rent).

Housing in Tuebingen is unfortunately not cheap. The most expensive area is the city center (Zentrum/Innenstadt). Housing of course gets cheaper once you move to the outskirts of the city into areas like Derendingen, Lustnau, Pfrondorf or even different towns such as Rottenburg. To get an overview, please have a look at our site Neighborhoods and Outskirts.

It’s very easy to reach the Morgenstelle or the MPI campus with the different bus lines from the city Center. This also goes for changing busses at the central train station in case you live in an outskirt.

Where and What to Look for?

We have listed some websites throughout this section for you, but newspapers, house brokers, major bus stops (like at Ahornweg or Uni/Neue Aula, where people sometimes put up housing adverts) are also useful means to find accommodation!

The most common types of accommodation you can find in Tuebingen are:

  • student dormitories 
  • shared apartments (Wohngemeinschaft or simply WG)
  • private apartments

Of course, you have to decide for yourself on the kind of housing you prefer. To help you make a decision, we have collected some information here.

Updated 10/09/2021 9:00am