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Here is an overview of the most common forms of government support provided to families.

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Child benefit (Kindergeld)

Child benefit is a state cash benefit paid to parents. See more information here.

  • It has been set at 250 Euros per month per child since January 2023. 
  • Child benefit is applied for and paid out by the family benefits office (Familienkasse).
  • Child benefit can be paid for own, foster or adopted children, grandchildren, children of the spouse or the civil partner from birth until the age of 18 – in certain cases also beyond that age.
  • As a non-German, you may be eligible to receive child benefit under certain conditions. For an initial overview concerning the different requirements, this chart may be helpful to you:

A detailed description can be found in this leaflet from the family benefits office.

  • If you are eligible to receive child benefit, the child benefit must be applied for in writing. You can find the online application form here. In the download section you may also find the application forms in different languages.
  • You will need your tax identification number (tax ID) to complete the application.
  • When applying, a processing time of approx. 1 to 1.5 months should be expected. In order to receive child benefit payments as quickly as possible, it is advisable to submit the application for child benefit at an early stage.
  • Please Note:
    • The application can be submitted before the birth, but it will only be effective if the birth certificate is submitted after the birth.
    • Child benefit is granted from the month of birth, even if the application may be submitted later.
    • Child benefit is granted for each month in which the conditions were met for at least one day of the month.
    • The right to child benefit for the preceding period expires after 6 months.
    • If you have any problems after submitting your application, you can use this link to report your concerns to the complaints management team at the Family Benefits Office.
  • Child benefit in cross-border cases (only EU, EEA states and Switzerland):

    In some cases, child benefit can be paid across borders. Watch this video (you can set an English subtitle ) to find out if you are eligible for this special form of financial support.

Child tax deduction (Kinderfreibetrag)

The child tax deduction is deducted from the taxable income by the tax office when filing the tax return. So, in contrast to the child benefit, which the state pays to the parents every month it’s a fictitious calculation figure.

  • You can only benefit from the child tax deduction if you file an income tax return.
  • It’s yearly 8.952 EUR child tax deduction per child.
  • You can only receive ONE benefit: either child benefit or the annual child tax deduction. In any case, you should apply for child benefit. When you file your next tax return, the tax office will automatically calculate which option is more favorable for you.
Child allowance (Kinderzuschlag)

Child allowance provides additional financial support for low-income-families. See more information here.

  • Anyone who belongs to one of the following groups of persons is entitled to this:
    1. You come from the European Union (EU), are a citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA) or of Switzerland.
    2. You belong to the group of persons who have been incontestably recognized as entitled to asylum.
Regional bonus card (Kreis-Bonus-Card)

Holders can take advantage of discounts at many institutions, clubs and organizations: ( More information in English and how to apply are collected in this leaflet.

  • Anyone receiving social benefits and living in Tübingen County can apply for the KreisBonusCard at the District Office (Landratsamt Tübingen).
  • It is available for adults as well as for children and young people (KreisBonusCard Junior).
  • KreisBonusCard extra: This card is for families just above the income limit (not eligible to social benefits). It also allows you to take advantage of the offers and discounts of the KreisBonusCard. It can be applied for at various Tübingen counseling centers: see the list here.
  • The cards are valid for one year.
State family Pass (Landes-Familienpass)

With the State Family Pass, large families can visit cultural institutions like state palaces, gardens and museums in Baden-Württemberg free of charge or at a reduced admission price (vouchers).

  • You must have permanent residence in Baden-Württemberg.
  • The following groups of people can use the Family Pass:
    • families with at least three children entitled to child benefits who live with their parents in a domestic community.
    • single parents who live with at least one child entitled to child benefit in a domestic community.
    • families living at home with at least one child with a severe disability who is entitled to child benefit and has at least a 50% reduction in earning capacity.
    • families who are entitled to child benefit, housing benefit or “Bürgergeld” and who live with at least one child entitled to child benefit in the same household.
    • families who receive benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act and live with at least one child in the same household.
  • Note: The State Family Pass is not dependent on income.
  • You can apply for the State Family Pass in person, in writing or by e-mail at your Citizen's Office. Please include the required documentation with your application:
    • identity card or passport.
    • proof of eligibility for child benefits (e.g. on the salary statement).
    • for children with disabilities: Severely disabled person's ID card.
    • in case of “Bürgergeld” or child supplement: benefit notice.
    • for asylum seekers: notification according to the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act and a valid residence document.

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