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terms Commonly found on pay slips

Most institutions have their own salary slip format. General information is shown below. For details, please contact your personal support at your institution.

Personal/organizational data

Tarifgruppe/ Tarifstufe   Collective bargaining group/level for government service employees
Steuerklasse, Faktor, Konfession AN/EG   Tax characteristics: Deductions for tax assessments are calculated on the basis of the characteristics of income tax class
Wöchentliche Arbeitszeit   Weekly working hours (shows whether you are working full-time or part-time)
Vollbeschäftigung Vollb Full-time position
SV-Tage   Social security days: days on which contributions must be made to individual social security branches (A full month is always based on 30 days)
DEÜV-Schlüssel   Social security data: Deductions for social security (pension, unemployment, health insurance) calculated using the DEÜV formula, the contribution rates (for health, unemployment and nursing care insurance), if required the basis tarif and, if required, the nursing care insurance surcharge
    Additional information in this block includes the pension insurance number, business pension plan number  number (if applicable), the tax ID, the name of the health insurance fund, and the entry date. If an exit was already noted, this date is also provided.

Salary components

Basisbezüge   Basic Income
Tarifvereinbarung für den öffentlichen Dienst TVöD Collective wage agreement for public servants
Tarifvereinbarung der Länder TVL Collective wage agreement for state employees
TVöD Tabellarisches Entgelt   Tabular compensation (amount of money you should receive based on the tables for public employees) Often, the following abbreviations are used as a code: (E) individual payment, L (taxable pay), G (gross pay)
Arbeitgeber AG Employer
Arbeitnehmer AN Employee
Vermögensbildender AG-Anteil   Asset accumulation/ employer portion: Employer supplement to asset accumulation agreements concluded with the employee
Bruttoentgelt   Gross pay (in this section, the amounts which are the basis for calculating each deduction are shown. They can differ a bit)
Krankenversicherung KV Health insurance
Pflegeversicherung PV Nursing care insurance
Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder VBL Supplemental pension scheme of the German federal government and the German states

Statutory deductions

(EZ refers to single payment in this month, lfd. (laufend) refers to annual total to date)
Lohnsteuer   Income tax: The level of income tax is based on the income tax class
Solidaritätszuschlag  Soli Solidarity tax: added to income tax, capital gains tax and corporation tax
Kirchensteuer   Church tax: tax levied by members of religious communities to finance their communities' expenditures. Measured on the basis of determined income tax
Rentenversicherung  RV Pension plan: in Germany, forms part (insurance branch) of the classified social security system for pensions. Contributions are borne 50-50 by employers and employees.
Krankenversicherung  KV Health insurance: mandatory insurance for all employees whose annual compensation lies below the mandatory insurance limit. No deductions are made in the case of private health insurance, since the respective employees make contributions themselves.
Arbeitslosenversicherung  AV Unemployment insurance
Pflegeversicherung  PV Nursing care insurance: mandatory insurance to provide cover relating to the risk of requiring nursing care

Your pay

Gesetzl. Netto   Net pay
Be- und Abzüge   Additional payments and deductions, such as for business pension plan
Überweisung Summe   Amount that is transferred to your account


Usually, your bank information is shown below. Some pay slips also include your vacation day balance.



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