Student Dormitories

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Student housing (Studierendenwohnheime) provides one of the cheapest options for furnished accommodation in Tuebingen. Dormitories are managed by the Studierendenwerk Tuebingen-Hohenheim, which allocates accommodation and strictly prioritizes undergraduate and Master's students. If you are a visiting researcher, you are only eligible if you're matriculated as a (doctoral) student, and even then it is very unlikely you'll be able to secure a spot (it may be easier for couples or families). If you want to try your luck anyway, you can always apply.

The student dormitories are a quite vivid and colorful place to live. You will meet people from different faculties, grad students, university students and of course Erasmus students from many different countries and walks of life. By sharing the kitchen with several people you have many opportunities to socialize and have fun. Of course, you should also consider that it might get loud from time to time, and if you are unlucky be aware that the shared facilities like the kitchen or toilet/bathroom (if applicable), could be left dirty!

Tuebingen's largest dorm complex is the student village at Waldhäuser Ost (WHO), but there are many other dormitories which are spread all over the town. Some of these also include family housing and WG-style accommodations.

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