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Life in Tuebingen is life in the heart of Europe and in one of Germany’s most scenic and economically competitive regions. It's a bustling mediaeval town with a young, international, and vibrant population and a rich cultural and artistic scene. Lectures, concerts, film festivals, and more: life in Tuebingen never gets boring.

Hohentuebingen Castle

General Information

Useful hints and tips about opening hours, local information such as living costs in Tuebingen, important places, and more.

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The following pages provide information about the paperwork you will need to take care of when you come to Tuebingen and even before. From immigration to your salary and taxes, be sure to take good notice of the advice on these pages.

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Preparing Your Stay

Before you come to Tuebingen, there are some things you can already do. And should you have to leave again, it's time to consider a few more things.

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Whether you're coming to Tuebingen for a short time or planning to spend a longer period here, you should start looking for accommodation as early as possible. These pages provide some advice.

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Personal Support

Depending on the TRC partner institution where you will be based, you may be able to receive personal support to help you organize your stay and settle in Tuebingen. Please check this page to find out how to find your point of contact.

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Daily Life

The following pages provide information on living in Germany and in Tuebingen - from practical advice about opening hours and public holidays to information on finding accommodation. 

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