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UPDATE: Due to the current situation, we are discussing if and how (change to virtual mode?) the TNC Summer School "How life history affects ageing" can take place in Tübingen, starting from 21 September 2020


It is becoming increasingly clear that even the earliest experiences and environmental factors can have an effect on the later functionality of the brain and influence the development of neurodegenerative diseases. However, in research individual stages of life are still considered separately. The TNC Summer School "Understanding how life history affects ageing" will take a holistic perspective and stimulate a dialogue of expertise from different fields of neuroscience. Participants will be taken on a journey through the different developmental stages of the brain and develop a unique view on how influences of the entire life span can affect disease emergence. We will close the loop by discussing the use of stem cell models for research on neurodegeneration.    

In order to reflect the broad expertise of our Tübingen Neuroscience Campus, two courses will run in parallel. One deals with molecular and cellular aspects of the topic described above, the other with systems biology questions. During the day, both classes will work separately, in the evening of each day there would be an exchange of participants from both courses. Participants would thus not only work on the topic in a temporally holistic approach "from cradle to grave", but also broaden their knowledge beyond their field of expertise by exchanging ideas with the participants of the other course. 

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