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CORONA UPDATE: TNC Elevator Pitch #5 in May or June

16th March 2020: Due to the corona virus, we decided to postpone the next Elevator Pitches and all other events to May or even June.

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Article at the SWR

10th March 2020: Article about the TNC on SWR

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TüWIN: Tübingen Women in Neuroscience

4th March 2020: TüWIN (formerly known as the HER-Group) are back

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Junior Research Group Selection Symposium

2nd March 2020: Junior Research Group Selection Symposium at the HIH 

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TNC Elevator Pitches are back on Feb 17th

17th February 2020: TNC Elevator Pitch #4 

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Open Day for fellows of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes

2nd February 2020: HIH welcomes fellows of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes

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New Year's Reception

27th January 2020: New Year's Reception for Tübingen's Neuroscientists

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TNC Newsletter

Highlights of 2019 and Plans for 2020

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TNC Seminar "The Developing Brain"

Save the Date: Special Seminar from the NCI "The Developing Brain" on Tuesday, 21st January 2020

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TNC Elevator Pitches #3

25th November 2019: Program for TNC Elevator Pitch #3 is complete

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New calendar "Neuro Talks Tübingen"

11th November 2019: A new calendar "Neuro Talks Tübingen" is online

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Second Round of TNC Elevator Pitches

5th November 2019: Great Pitches at the TNC Elevator Pitch #2

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Open Door at the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience

4th November 2019: Open Door at the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience

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MEA Meeting (Int’l Conference on Microelectrode Arrays) in July 2020

Save the Date - MEA Meeting (Int’l Conference on Microelectrode Arrays) 8-10 July 2020 in Tübingen

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BRAIN ACADEMY: Winter TERM 2019/20

23rd October 2019: The new seminar series "Brain Akademie" will be continued in winter 2019/20

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3. meeting of the Steering Board

On Monday, October 14th 2019, the TNC's Institutional Steering Board (ISB) met for the third time.

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Great start with TNC Elevator Pitch#1

8th October 2019: The first TNC Elevator Pitch was a great success.

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Neurocolloquium: TNC seminar series

1st October 2019: The program for the "Neurocolloqium" - a TNC seminar series - for the winter term 19/20 was released

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Special Seminar "Pregnancy & Brain Development"

Special Seminar on "Pregnancy & Brain Development" on Tuesday, 24th September 2019.

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Registration now open: TNC Elevator Pitches

18th September, 2019: You can now register for the TNC Elevator Pitches

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Article in neuromag

5th September, 2019: A new article about the history of the TNC was published at neuromag

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NEW TNC Series: TNC Elevator Pitches

12th August, 2019: This fall, there will be a new TNC format: the TNC Elevator Pitches for PIs

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Neuroscience Campus Get Together

23th July 2019: Neuroscience Campus Get TogetherFor the fifth time, the event jointly organized by the HIH, the CIN, the DZNE and the University’s Hospital of Neurology, took place

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Logo Pregnancy and Brain4

Neuro Campus Initiatives

15th July 2019: Neuro Campus Initiatives: Dr. Simone Mayer (Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research) initiated the third NCI "Pregnancy & Brain" and is inviting to a seminar on Tuesday, 24.09.19.

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Talk Sylvia Schroeder

Special Talk by Dr. Sylvia Schröder

On Friday, July 12th 2019, the TNC hosts Dr. Sylvia Schröder from the Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London, for a special talk.

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More than 140 people at the 1st TNC Research Day

More than 140 people joined us for the 1st TNC Research Day on June 27th 2019.

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TNC Board2

2. meeting of the Steering Board: New head of the GTC: Marc Himmelbach

On Thursday, May 23rd 2019, the TNC's Institutional Steering Board (ISB) met for the second time. PD Dr. Marc Himmelbach, new head of the GTC, is the newest board member.

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TNC Research Day: Program complete + Call for Posters

 May 20th 2019: The program for the 1st TNC Research Day on June 27th 2019 is now complete

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24th April 2019: A new seminar series "Brain Akademy" started in April 2019 - organized by TNC founding member Prof. Andreas Fallgatter and Prof. Ulf Ziemann

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TNC Research Day: Call for Workshop Proposals

10th April 2019: Call for Workshops Proposals for the 1st TNC Research Day on June 27th 2019 is now open.

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Neurocolloquium: TNC seminar series

4th April 2019: The program for the "Neurocolloqium" - a TNC seminar series - for the summer term 2019 was released

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werner siemens

Neuro Campus Initiatives

18th March 2019: Neuro Campus Initiatives: Dr. Kristina Herfert (Werner Siemens Imaging Center) initiated the second NCI on Molecular and Functional Neuroimaging and is currently looking for cooperations. 

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Neuro Campus Initiatives

Neuro Campus Initiatives: Prof. Philipp Berens (Institute for Ophthalmic Research), Prof. Thomas Euler (CIN) and Prof. Peter Heutink (DZNE) founded the first NCI on Data Science. The first meeting was on Tuesday, February 19th, 2019.

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New Year’s Reception

On Wednesday, January 30th 2019, the TNC together with the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research (HIH) welcomed scientists and their friends to a New Year’s Reception.

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foto news isb

First meeting of the Steering Board

On Wednesday, January 23rd 2019, during the 1st meeting of the Institutional Steering Board (ISB), Prof. Thomas Gasser (HIH) was elected speaker of the TNC, Prof. Andreas Nieder (Institute for Neurobiology) vice-speaker.

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